Cellular Forensics

MSI Detective Services is trained in cellular forensics and can extract data from mobile devices. Extract deleted data from your phone to a PDF file for legal court evidence and personal documentation. Check your phone for spyware including Pegasus, MSpy, Flexispy and more.

Background Checks

MSI Detective Services provides background checks on all levels, from the simple to the more complex. For legal and personal purposes, MSI provides detailed information that cannot be found using pedestrian techniques such as websites that claim to provide information. Our skilled investigators are able to sift through the information and provide factual and reliable information concerning a person’s criminal, civil and financial reputation.

Electronic Countermeasures

MSI Detective Services provides professional electronic countermeasure services for business and personal clientele. Our professionally trained experts use the latest and most accurate equipment and techniques to determine the presence of hidden cameras, hidden microphones, bugs, wireless transmitters, GPS trackers, Apple Airtags, hidden cell phones, laser devices, microwave harrassment and many other forms of eavesdropping and harrassment.


MSI Detective Services provides superior surveillance using hidden cameras, long range telephoto equipment, GPS trackers (when legally permissible) as well as decoy and undercover services. Surveillance is an artform and requires both planning as well as improvisational skills. Knowing when to be agressive and when to lay back is not always an easy decision. Our philosophy is to use use a balanced approach for situations which can be defined by either “one time opportunities” and “recurring events”. Our surveillance agents are thoroughly trained in surveillance techniques as well as photo and videography skills. It is critical to understand the hidden camera and long range camera capabilities. You can trust MSI agents to make the best decision for you each and every time.