Netflix Season 3 Staring MSI Detective Services Debuts May 10, 2019 starring the MSI and the Pro Video Security teams.  It was a fun and somewhat raunchy episode based on a real live investigative case handled by us many years ago.  The actual case was an infidelity case where the wife was cheating on her husband with a man that was into the S&M scene of Chicago.  Our job was to document her activities for the husband who was planning to use it as leverage in case the wife played unfairly during the settlement agreement.  While the husband never used the video, the tape showed plenty of hanky panky involving whips, chains and Great Danes.  Not really all of it but some for sure.

The episode is not for the squeamish.  It is also not for kids.  But there are plenty of laughs expected based on the scenes we were a part of so far.

Easy is a Chicago based series that is filmed exclusively in Chicago.  The show highlights many local businesses and neighborhoods. We filmed in back in August of 2018 and our businesses were closed down for a day.  The day was fun and Perry Myers was able to be in several scenes playing himself.

This is the 3rd and final season for Easy, directed by Joe Swanberg.  The talented director will be doing many mire projects in the months and years to come.  We hope to be part of it as well.  But the first time experience was fun and exciting.  We hope to see the finished product May 10th and hope that it is entertaining and fun for all.  Enjoy!  We will.